Orchard US Small Cap Value Equities

The Orchard US Small Cap Value strategy is a high conviction,  high alpha generating strategy that identifies companies that trade at a significant discount to where they should trade at and have one or multiple catalyst to unleash this intrinsic value.


Why US Small Cap Value Equities?

US Small Cap Value Equities are the best performing segment within US equities long term. As US Small Cap Value companies are under researched, an active manager provides added value, this segment is not suited for long-term passive investments.


Why Orchard for US Small Cap Value Equities?

  • Concentrated high conviction portfolio with a high active share and superior returns through proprietary research and a disciplined process
  • 100% alignment as investment team invests their own capital wealth alongside you as an investor, 100% employee owned
  • Stable team with over 20 years track record in US Small Cap Value
  • ESG fuly integrated in investment process


Who is Orchard Capital Management?

Orchard is an independent employee-owned boutique based in Chicago with a track record dating back to 2001.  The investment team has deep investment and industry experience and Orchard employees invest their own private wealth in the same strategy as you as an investor.


Principal Investment philosophy

Orchard’s Opportunistic Small Cap Strategies builds upon a core philosophy:

''Proprietary knowledge, not excess risk, drives excess returns‘’

Orchard uses proprietary knowledge to create the best possible estimate of intrinsic value and strives to generate excess returns by investing at what they consider a significant discount to intrinsic value.

Once Orchard has identified sources of value or opportunities for value creation, they select investments with one or more catalysts that should lead to value realization and will engage management & shareholders for constructive change.