VanEck Emerging Market Debt Unconstrained

Why VanEck for Emerging Market Debt?

Candoris works together with VanEck, a privately-owned Asset Manager focused on Commodities, Emerging Markets Equity and Debt and ETF’s. VanEck is based in New York City.

The VanEck Emerging Market Equity team identifies companies with a Structural Growth At a Reasonable Price (“S GARP”). Persistent long-term structural growth opportunities exist in emerging markets. These opportunities are poorly captured by widely used benchmark indices. High growth is frequently overvalued and value stocks often remain cheap. David Semple manages this strategy since inception in 2006. David and his team manages USD 3 billion in Emerging Market Equities. A daily liquid UCITS fund is available with an AUM of USD 80 million. ISIN code UCITS fund: IE00BYXQSM04

The VanEck Emerging Market Equity All Cap strategy outperforms the MSCI EM IMI and most peers since inception in 2006. The experienced team uses a disciplined approach to uncover structural growth at a reasonable price.


VanEck, the firm:

Founded in 1955, privately owned, long term focus

  • Focus on active and passive strategies, commodities and Emerging Markets


The Investment Philosophy is as follows:

  • Asset prices should reflect country and corporate fundamentals
  • An unconstrained approach is key to optimizing portfolio risk using the distinct risk and return characteristics of each of the emerging markets debt sub-universes
  • Risks and returns ultimately emanate from country and corporate fundamentals, not top-down macro factors


The Investment process, an overview

The strategy offers exposure to emerging markets fundamentals, generally characterized by lower debts and deficits, higher growth rates and independent central banks. Lead Portfolio Manager, Eric Fine, has over 25 years of experience in emerging markets.

The Unconstrained Emerging Markets Bond strategy seeks total return, consisting of income and capital appreciation.

VanEck EMD Unconstrained Fund Documents