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Coho ESG US Large Cap Equities

Why Coho for US Equities? This strategy of quality companies with predictable earnings growth, offered protection during the IT crash in 2001, the financial crisis in 2008, the Euro crisis in 2011 and recently during Q4 of 2018. The strategy is fully invested, without using of derivatives.  The combination of a 65-75% down-market capture with a 85-95% up-market capture […]

SIM US High Yield

Why SiM for US High Yield? The Strategic income Management (SiM) US High Yield strategy outperforms the BofAML US High Yield index, ranking top ten percentile since inception in 2011. The strategy is a concentrated strategy focused on long term investing. A core portfolio around long term secular trends is complemented with out of favor […]

DSM Capital Partners Global-, US- and Emerging Market Growth Equities

Why DSM Capital Partners for Global-, US- and Emerging Market Growth Equities? The DSM Growth strategies are unique as they combine in depth bottom up research with a strict valuation discipline. The portfolios are concentrated and invest in quality growth companies. The strategies have a Growth bias, have the same philosophy and investment process and […]

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Candoris is an entrepreneurial company that brings best in class investment strategies at the doorstep of institutional investors and
wholesale distribution companies in The Netherlands and The Nordics. Candoris only represents investment strategies with a compelling story, a strong and repeatable investment process and a proven track record of a few dedicated asset management companies. The strategies are represented towards institutional clients and wholesale distributors.

Candoris creates better access for investors to these strategies by offering a strong representation. Asset managers can remain focussed on their core activity, knowing they are represented in the highly developed and well capitalised markets in The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

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