Investment Strategies

​Candoris pairs boutique investment managers with investors and distributors in the Nordics and the Netherlands. ​

Coho ESG US Large Cap Equities

Why Coho for US Equities? This strategy of quality companies with predictable earnings growth, offered protection during the IT crash in 2001, the financial crisis in 2008, the Euro crisis in 2011 and recently during Q4 of 2018. The strategy is fully invested, without using of derivatives.  The combination of a 65-75% down-market capture with a 85-95% up-market capture […]

SIM US High Yield

Why SiM for US High Yield? The Strategic income Management (SiM) US High Yield strategy outperforms the BofAML US High Yield index, ranking top ten percentile since inception in 2011. The strategy is a concentrated strategy focused on long term investing. A core portfolio around long term secular trends is complemented with out of favor […]

DSM Capital Partners Global-, US- and Emerging Market Growth Equities

Why DSM Capital Partners for Global-, US- and Emerging Market Growth Equities? The DSM Growth strategies are unique as they combine in depth bottom up research with a strict valuation discipline. The portfolios are concentrated and invest in quality growth companies. The strategies have a Growth bias, have the same philosophy and investment process and […]

Eleva Leaders Small & Mid Cap Europe

Why ELeva for European Small & Mid Cap equities? The Eleva Leaders Small & Mid-Cap Europe Fund is active and conviction based with a dynamic stock picking approach. Diane Bruno and Marie Guigou, the two former lead portfolio managers of the Mandarine Gestion European Small & Mid-Cap fund have decided to join Eleva at the end of 2018. They build up a […]

Orchard US Small Cap

Why Orchard for US Small Cap Equities? As an independent employee owned boutique based in Chicago they deliver superior returns through proprietary research and a disciplined processes.  Orchard employs a consistent and disciplined approach with an emphasis on fundamental research to develop proprietary knowledge about potential investments. Orchard uses this knowledge to develop a best possible […]

VanEck Emerging Markets Equity

Why VanEck for Emerging Market Equities? The VanEck Emerging Market Equity All Cap strategy outperforms the MSCI EM IMI and most peers since inception in 2006. The experienced team uses a disciplined approach to uncover structural growth at a reasonable price. Candoris works together with VanEck, a privately-owned Asset Manager focused on Commodities, Emerging Markets Equity […]

VanEck Emerging Market Debt Unconstrained

Why VanEck for Emerging Market Debt? VanEck manages a unique bottom up truly unconstrained EMD strategy. An unconstrained approach is key to optimizing portfolio risk using the distinct risk and return characteristics of each of the emerging markets debt sub-universes. Risks and returns ultimately emanate from country and corporate fundamentals, not top-down macro factors. Candoris […]

PAM US Senior Loans

Why PAM for US Senior Loans? The team has successfully employed the same investment strategy since January 2007 with a substantial lower standard deviation and down-market capture compared to the benchmark and most peers. The Pacific Asset Management (PAM) US Senior Loan strategy has a significant outperformance over the CS Leverage Loan index. The Pacific Asset […]

Convertible Bonds

Why Convertinvest for Convertible Bonds? Convertible Bonds benefit from the price appreciation of the common stock because of the permanent right of the investor to exchange the Convertible into a fixed number of shares. Additionally the Convertible Bond provides the senior status of a creditor who gets his capital back at maturity.   Convertinvest, the […]