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Upcoming trips with portfolio managers

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Strategic Income Management: US High Yield Opportunities, Gary Pokrzywinsky, founder and CIO
25 September       The Netherlands
26 September       Finland
27 September       Denmark
29 September       Austria

Coho Partners: ESG US Large Cap Value Equity, Chris Leonard, co-CIO 
9 October              United Kingdom
10 October            United Kingdom
11 October             Germany
12 October            Finland
13 October            Sweden

VanEck: Emerging Markets Bond, Eric Fine, PM
6 November         United Kingdom
7 November         Austria
8 November         Switzerland
9 November         Norway
10 November       Denmark

Orchard Capital Management: US Small Cap Value
Schedule of PM Joshua Fairbank
13 November       France
14 November       Sweden
15 November       Finland
16 November       Norway
17 November       Denmark
Schedule of CIO and PM Blake Harper
13 November       The Netherlands
14 November       Germany
15 November       Austria
16 November       Norway
17 November       United Kingdom