Letko Brosseau Emerging Markets Equity


  • Portfolio of Global EME companies with consistent higher risk-adjusted returns and low downside risk.
  • 1 team, 1 philosophy, 1 investment approach!
  • Concentrated, high active share, low turnover.
  • Employee owned; investing own private wealth in Strategy. Firm capital includes all company & employee capital invested in Letko Brosseau strategies.

Why Global Emerging Markets Equity?

  • Emerging Markets have a higher growth rate, more favorable demographic trends, and offer undervalued investment opportunities.
  • Active managers can create large outperformance as universe is under-researched.

Why Letko Brosseau for Emerging Markets Equities?

  • Strategy with 12 year track record in Global Emerging Market Equity investing.
  • ESG fully integrated in investment process.

Who is Letko Brosseau?

Founded in 1987, Letko, Brosseau & Associates Inc. (LBA) is one of Canada’s largest independent investment managers with approximately $12.7 billion assets under management as of 31 March 2024. LBA offers a select number of broad investment strategies where it believes it can add value through a disciplined knowledge-based investment approach. The same investment approach has been pursued in all asset classes and has been applied consistently across all portfolios. Investment decisions are made based on research performed by the firm's investment management team.

Principal Investment philosophy

  • Long-Term Value Focus: Letko Brosseau is known for its long-term, value-oriented investment approach. They focus on identifying companies with strong fundamentals that are trading at attractive valuations relative to their intrinsic worth.
  • Bottom-Up Stock Selection: The emerging market equity strategy involves rigorous inhouse bottom-up research and analysis of individual companies supplemented with top-down analysis.