VanEck Emerging Markets Equity

Candoris works together with VanEck, a privately owned Asset Manager focused on commodities and Emerging Markets based in New York City

VanEck, the firm:

  • Founded in 1955, privately owned, long term focus
  • Focus on active and passive strategies, commodities and Emerging Markets
  • VanEck presently manages US$ 47.3bn (as of 31-03-2019)

The Investment Philosophy focuses at structural growth at a reasonable price.


The VanEck Emerging Market Equity team identifies companies with a structural growth at a reasonable price (“S GARP”). Persistent long-term structural growth opportunities exist in emerging markets. These opportunities are poorly captured by widely used benchmark indices. High growth is frequently overvalued and value stocks often remain cheap. Therefore, we believe achieving strong returns in emerging markets requires an experienced team using a disciplined approach to uncover structural growth at a reasonable price.

VanEck Emerging Markets Equity Fund Documents

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